Dr. Denise Ernst

Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) Mastermind Group

Denise Ernst, Ph.D.

Theresa Moyers, Ph.D.


Advanced Topics in MITI Coding

April 4, 11, 18, and May 2, 2018 at 1:00 PDT (2:00 MDT, 3:00 CDT, 4:00 EDT) – $499


In this 4-week series you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the key concepts in the MITI 4
  • Participate in weekly discussions about those concepts and the challenges found in coding
  • Practice MITI coding and receive feedback
  • Receive Gold Standard MITI coding on one submitted sample

Target Audience

This training is appropriate for professionals who are trained in MITI 4 coding and have experience using this tool.

Included in the Mastermind Group

  • 4 hours of instruction with MITI topics, including 1) Using the technical globals, 2) Giving information vs. Persuasion, 3) Recognizing MI-adherent behaviors, including Affirm, Seeking Collaboration, and Emphasize Autonomy, and 4) Managing simple and complex reflections
  • 4 specialized coding exercises designed to address the particular content
  • 4 group discussions about the coding exercises and coding issues
  • Gold standard coding of one audio recording. This recording can be one that is already completed or one that is created during the Mastermind group.

Weekly Schedule

  • Instructional videos available at participant’s convenience
  • Weekly exercise with links to audio recording available at participant’s convenience
  • Weekly discussion calls with Terri and Denise will be held at 1:00 PDT (2:00 MDT, 3:00 CDT, 4:00 EDT)

Important to Note

The materials used for this training will be available for use during the training. You will not be able to download the audio files for personal use or for use in training. The recordings submitted for Gold standard coding will be available for participant’s use as well as our use in future training.

Limited to 10 participants–Register TODAY!


Dr. Theresa Moyers