Services for…

Individual Clinicians and Practitioners

  • Experiential introduction to MI skills, style and strategies
  • Individualized skill coaching for individuals and groups
  • Advanced training tailored to the trainees
  • MITI coding and coaching
  • Coaching in preparation for application to attend MINT Training for New Trainers
  • Opportunities for co-training, coaching on training skills

Organizations, Agencies, and Other Systems

  • Consultation on development and implementation of plans for integrating MI into the system
  • Provision of all levels of training with intent to build internal capacity
  • Ongoing monitoring of skill development
  • Evaluation of implementation efforts


  • MI Intervention protocol development
  • Consultation with designing treatment fidelity plans
  • MI coding for treatment integrity (MITI) or process research (MISC)
  • Training, certification, and monitoring of MI research clinicians
  • MITI/MISC coding training or reliability assessment
  • Analysis of MITI and MISC coding data

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Denise Ernst, Ph.D. with workshop participants
Motivational Interviewing Workshop with Denise Ernst, Ph.D.